Aleks Math placement testing at Utah Tech University

Step 1 – Digital ID (My UT)

  • Already have your Digital ID number (D#) and password? Great! move on to step 2
  • Still need a Digital ID number? 1. Make sure your $35 registration fee is paid to Admissions. 2. Admissions is the only office that can issue you a Digital ID number. If you do not have access to your Digital ID call: (435) 652-7708 or (435) 879-4777
  • Still need a Password?
    Go to or call the Help Desk: (435) 879-4357

Step 2 – Access to ALEKS

  • Go to
  • Click on the ALEKS Math Placement option at the home screen.
  • Login with your D number and password
  • Pay the one-time $17 access fee to ALEKS.

Step 3 – Practice

  • Now that you have access to your ALEKS account, you can access it and start practicing.
  • The practice tests and modules are optional; however, they are recommended because you can see what class you are placing into before your proctored attempt at the testing center.

Aleks Remote testing

ALEKS exams can be taken remotely via a software called Respondus Lockdown Monitor. Students should be aware that there are additional fees associated with taking the ALEKS remotely and that additional steps are necessary to coordinate and validate remote exams, which could lengthen scoring turnaround times.

Remote ALEKS Fees:

  • $17.00 Access Fee: Paid to ALEKS when registering for an account
  • $10.00 Remote ALEKS Fee, (For video review) Paid to UT’s Testing Center before each attempt
  • $10.00 License Fee, Paid to Respondus Lockdown Monitor (This fee is paid once, and covers multiple attempts from home).
  • Total: $37.00 for an initial attempt + $10.00 for every additional attempt.

Getting Started:

Please send an email to to request a remote ALEKS. Please use “Remote ALEKS” as the subject line. In the body of the email please list your name and Utah Tech student number.

Please be aware that remote testing sessions are video recorded and that exam recordings are reviewed by a proctor. If a student is found to be cheating in any way, remote testing privileges may be revoked and a student may be required to retest in person at a testing center.

Exam results take 24-48 hours to update on your student account. Once updated you will be able to register for a UT Math Course. The week of registration and the week before classes start are busy times at the testing center.  Processing times for remote exams will be slower during those weeks. Please plan accordingly, and coordinate your remote exam outside of those times if possible.