Proctorio is an automated remote-proctor software that can be used to proctor academic exams for students who are not able to test on campus. Proctorio has been integrated with UT’s learning management system, Canvas. Instructions are provided in the links below to help faculty set up and manage Proctorio exams for their courses. It is possible to configure Canvas exams so that students have the choice of testing on campus at the Testing Center, or remotely via Proctorio.

Getting started with Proctorio:

  1. Create exams in Canvas as a quiz. (Test-creation tutorials can be found HERE & HERE)
  2. Download the browser extension and enable Proctorio within Canvas. (See the Steps to enable Proctorio document for step-by-step instructions)
  3. Adjust Proctorio settings to fit your content/pedagogy. (See Adjust Proctorio settings for step by step instructions)
  4. Review identity verification options @
  5. Enable flexible mode for your quiz (Only if also making the exam available at the Testing Center). This step allows students to choose between testing on-campus at the Testing Center or remotely via Proctorio. A password is automatically generated when flexible mode is enabled. (See the Enable flexible mode document for step-by-step instructions)
  6. Submit your exam to the Student Testing Center along with the password that was generated in the third step (Skip this step if exam will only be available via remote access). The form needed to submit an exam to the Student Testing Center is located HERE on the Testing Services webpage.
  7. Review flagged exam content from within the Canvas gradebook to ensure no cheating occurred. ( See How to review Proctorio exam results for step-by-step instructions)